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2023 Mid-year Staff Training Meeting

Sep. 19, 2023

"2023 mid-year staff training meeting" was held at 16:30-17:30 seventh floor conference room on Friday August 11, 2023. It is presided over by our executive vice president Li.

The meeting focused on explaining the basic situation of the company, management system, enterprise regulations, workshop discipline, morning meeting system, etc. In order to enable employees to deeply understand all aspects of the company, to comply with the law, sincere cooperation, serious work, diligence, and seriously abide by the company's rules and regulations, the company's comprehensive department plans to hold a similar training every week this month, basically covering all employees in the company. At the same time, welcome all new employees to join KLD big family, new employees, new look, new atmosphere, in the next time I hope everyone to make progress and reach the peak together.

2023 Mid-year Staff Training Meeting

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