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The core of Kangleda's company culture is innovation, it is a characteristic cultural system that has gradually emerged and formed in the development course of Kangleda nearly 40 years. Kangleda culture takes concept innovation as the guide, strategic innovation as the foundation, organizational innovation as the guarantee, technological innovation as the means, and market innovation as the goal, along with Kangle culture from scratch, from small to strong, from strong to fine, from China to the world.

Win-win and grateful is the foundation of Kangleda company culture, Kangleda's goal is to create a world famous brand and win honor for the nation. The development of corporation closely combined with the value pursuit of the employees. Each employee will fully realize their personal value and pursuit in the process of achieving the goal of Kangleda.

Mission: Make water flow more intelligent, make life better.

The company is committed to solenoid valve research and development to improve the efficiency of water use and make the water control system more intelligent to create a better living environment and lifestyle. 

Vision: To be the most professional manufacturer of solenoid valve. 

Through specialization and technological innovation to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of products and services, so as to provide customers with the most professional products and solutions.


Win-win:The company pursues a win-win relationship with customers, employees and partners, that is, to maximize the benefits of all parties through cooperation.

Grateful:The company hopes that every colleague has a grateful heart, cherish every opportunity and every resource, when and where can be grateful, virtuous, integrity.

Innovative:The company encourages innovative thinking, constantly promotes the development of technology and business, and benefits mankind through innovation.

Delicated:The company requires employees to have professional knowledge and skills, and to treat their work and customers with a professional attitude. Professional ability is a necessary quality for employees of the company, and it is also the key to becoming a first-class enterprise.

Strategic target: Customer first, quality first, creating a world famous brand, benefiting the world market. 

Spirit: Innovation, Pragmatism, Unity, Dedication.

Business Philosophy: Technology leading, Constant innovation, Quality-oriented, Customer satisfaction. 

Aim: Thoroughly achieve the industrial mission, Strive for the social improvement and progress, Contribute to the world widely.