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Basic Characteristics Of Solenoid Valve

Dec. 19, 2019

Water Inlet Solenoid Valve Factory shares with you.


1. Corrosive media: Plastic King solenoid valves and all stainless steel should be selected; for strongly corrosive media, isolation diaphragm type must be used. For neutral media, it is also appropriate to choose a solenoid valve with copper alloy as the material of the valve housing. Otherwise, rust debris will often fall off in the valve housing, especially in occasions where the action is not frequent. For ammonia valves, copper cannot be used.

2. Explosive environment: The corresponding explosion-proof products must be selected. Waterproof and dustproof varieties should be selected for outdoor installation or dusty occasions.

3. The nominal pressure of the solenoid valve should exceed the maximum working pressure in the pipe.

Solar Energy Solenoid Valve


1. Working life, this item is not included in the factory test items, it is a type test item. In order to ensure quality, we should choose the famous brand products of regular manufacturers.

2. Working system: There are three types of long-term working system, repeated short-time working system and short-time working system. The company's conventional products are long-term work systems, that is, the coil allows long-term power-on work. For long-term valve opening and only short-term closing, a normally open solenoid valve should be used. When used in a short-term work system and a large batch, special orders can be made to reduce power consumption. Zh

3. Working frequency: When the action frequency is high, the structure should be a direct-acting solenoid valve, and the power supply should be AC.

4.Mobility reliability

On some occasions, the number of actions is not high, but the reliability requirements are very high, such as fire protection, emergency protection, etc., must not be taken lightly. It is particularly important to take two double insurances.

Our company also provides solar energy Solenoid Valve.

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