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KangLeDa New Energy Co., Ltd.

Jul. 30, 2019

Kangleda New Energy Co., Ltd. is located in Yueqing, which enjoys a good reputation of 'China Electric Capital' in Zhejiang. Kangleda is blessed with the superior geographical advantage of approaching the East China Sea and situating at the foot of Yandang Mountain.

Kangleda culture takes innovation as the guide, strategic innovation as the basis, organizational innovation as the safeguard, technology innovation as the means and market innovation as the goal. With its development from small to large, from large to strong, from China to the world, Kangleda culture itself is also constantly innovating and developing. The Kangleda culture is featured with employees wide recognition and active participation. Founded in 1995, Kangleda is one of the earliest enterprises developing and manufacturing solenoid valves and automatic power switches in China, and participated in the development of national technical standards for specialized solenoid valve of household washing equipment. After decades of hard work, Kangleda has possessed four production and testing assembly lines of solenoid valve, two production lines of power switch, one production line of infrared sensor sanitary appliance as well as one solenoid valve research institute. With the capability to independently develop, produce and test above-mentioned products, Kangleda is a professional manufacturer which has large influence in the industry across the country. Kangleda's products have been sold throughout China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America, etc.

Kangleda is main products include solenoid valve series, infrared sensor sanitary appliance and accessories as well as power switch products. Its over 100 kinds of solenoid valves are widely used in the production fields and equipment of national defense, ship manufacturing, agriculture and animal husbandry, gardening, washing appliances, solar water heaters, infrared sensors sanitary appliance, pre-charging (charging) supply system (IC card water meter, etc.), water treatment, wine, milk and drinks, etc. In 2000, Kangleda took the lead in developing the industrial technical standards of solenoid valve, which obtains the record in the Quality Supervision Bureau (Record No.: Q336382-K65.183); in the same year, Kangleda obtained the health and safety appraisal from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Zhejiang Province. Kangleda passed ISO9001: 2015 international quality management system in 2001, obtained the National CCLC safety certification in 2003, obtained the European CE certification in 2005, was validated as self-support export company by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, passed hazardous substance testing and obtained ROSH certification in 2006, and was officially awarded the solenoid valve patent certificate by the State intellectual Property Office in 2007. Kangleda has been honored as 'Unit of Honoring Contracts and Standing by Reputation' by the provincial Industrial and Commercial Administration for consecutive years. In addition, Kangleda has established a strict quality management system according to ISO9001 standard, thus always building Kangleda brand on the basis of quality first.

Kangleda keeps absorbing advanced management theory and experience, and has developed its own unique business philosophy of taking lead in technology, pursing innovation, valuing quality and seeking customer satisfaction. Kangleda New Energy is willing to cooperate with guests at home and abroad for seeking common development and creating glorious achievements.

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