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What should you pay attention to when selecting the solenoid valve 1?

Nov. 13, 2019

Solenoid valve selection first followed the four principles of safety, applicability, reliability and economy, and then according to six aspects of field conditions (namely pipeline parameters, fluid parameters, pressure parameters, electrical parameters, action mode, special requirements for selection). Pulse valve supplier to make your introduction.


1. Corrosive medium: plastic solenoid valve and all stainless steel should be used; for strong corrosive medium, isolation diaphragm should be used. Neutral medium, it is also advisable to use copper alloy as the solenoid valve of the valve shell material. Otherwise, the rust will often fall off in the valve shell, especially in occasions with infrequent movement.

2. Explosive environment: The corresponding explosion-proof grade products must be selected. For outdoor installation or dusty occasions, waterproof and dustproof varieties should be used.

3. The nominal pressure of the solenoid valve should exceed the maximum working pressure in the pipe.

Water Dispenser Angle Solenoid Valve


1. Media characteristics media composition is the temperature of gas, liquid or mixed media on the solenoid valve sealing material of the influence of the temperature of the medium on the electromagnetic coil of the influence of the concentration of the medium on the solenoid valve.

2. The pipe parameters are selected according to the medium flow direction and the pipe connection mode. The valve port and model are selected according to the flow rate and the valve Kv value. The definition of the pipe inner diameter Kv value can also be selected: Kv value is a parameter and representation indicating the valve flow characteristics, and the unit is m3/h.

3. The highest and lowest temperatures of the environmental conditions should be selected within the allowable range; in the environment where the relative humidity is high and there are water droplets and rain, etc., the waterproof solenoid valve should be selected; in the environment, vibration, bumps and impacts should be selected. For example, marine solenoid valves should be used in corrosive or explosive environments. Corrosion-resistant type should be selected according to safety requirements.

4. Power supply conditions: Control coil is AC or DC, AC220V or DC24V 5) Control accuracy: It is to control several positions, the general is 2 position control, if the demand is high, it needs multiple control. The response time of opening or closing, etc.

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