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What Is a Solenoid Valve as well as How Does It Work?

Aug. 12, 2020

What is a solenoid valve?

The definition of a solenoid valve is an electro-mechanical valve that is frequently used to regulate the circulation of liquid or gas. There are numerous solenoid valve kinds, but the major variants are either pilot operated or straight performing. Pilot operated valves, one of the most commonly made use of, make use of system line pressure to open and close the primary orifice in the valve body.

While Direct run solenoid valves directly open or shut the major valve orifice, which is the only circulation path in the valve. They are utilized in systems calling for low flow abilities or applications with a reduced pressure differential across the valve orifice.


How solenoid valves function

Exactly how a solenoid valve jobs are by controlling the circulation of liquids or gases in a positive, fully-closed, or fully-open mode. They are often made use of to replace manual valves or for the remote. Solenoid valve function includes either opening or shutting an orifice in a valve body, which either allows or protects against the flow with the valve. A plunger opens or shuts the orifice by increasing or lowering within a sleeve tube by energizing the coil.

Solenoid valves contain a coil, plunger, and also sleeve assembly. In typically shut-valves, a bettor return spring holds the bettor against the orifice as well as prevents circulation. Once the solenoid coil is energized, the resultant magnetic field raises the plunger, making it possible for flow. When the solenoid coil is energized in a usually open valve, the plunger seals the orifice, which subsequently prevents circulation.


Why is a solenoid valve utilized?

In the majority of circulation control applications, it is required to start or stop the flow in the circuit to control the liquids in the system. An online run solenoid valve is usually used for this objective. By being solenoid actuated, solenoid valves can be positioned in remote locations as well as may be comfortably controlled by simple electrical switches.

Solenoid valves are one of the most frequently used control components in fluidics. They are typically made use of to shut off, release, dosage, disperse or blend fluids. For that reason, they are discovered in numerous application areas. Solenoids normally supply fast and secure switching, lengthy service life, high integrity, low control power, and small layout.


Where is a solenoid valve used?

Solenoid valve applications include a broad range of industrial setups, including basic on-off control, plant control loops, process control systems as well as numerous initial equipment supplier applications, to call however a few.


How to change solenoid valves

For right and also precise control operating, solenoid valves need to be set up and also chosen according to the particular application handy. One of the most essential criteria for selecting a solenoid control valve is the Kv value (given in cubic meters per hour) as well as the application's stress range.

The lower the valve's orifice or the more powerful the coil, the greater the stress the valve can shut-off. On the basis of the calculated Kv worth, as well as the pressure series of the planned application, an alike proper valve kind as well as its required orifice, can be established.


Kangleda, founded in 1995, is one of the earliest enterprises developing and manufacturing solenoid valves in China and participated in the development of national technical standards for specialized solenoid valves of household washing equipment. After decades of hard work, Kangleda has possessed six production and testing assembly lines of the solenoid valve, as well as one solenoid valve research institute. With the capability to independently develop, produce, and test the above-mentioned products, Kangleda is a professional solenoid valve manufacturer that has a large influence in the industry across the country. Welcome to contact us.

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