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Toilet Flush Valve Types

Toilet flush valve toilet flush equipment with cistern, especially the cistern outlet valve. The flushing valve includes the tank seat, valve body, movable shaft, and cable, which is characterized by the upper part of the valve body is equipped with a water storage bucket with top opening. Since the top of the valve body is installed with an open water storage bucket, when the water level in the tank is high, the water in the tank will enter the water storage bucket. The increased weight of the valve body can improve the falling speed of the flushing valve and the tightness with the seat. When the pull line is flushed, the pull line will be relaxed after the body is flushed.

The choice of solenoid valve needs to consider the material, connection form, purpose, working temperature, flow direction, suitable medium, pressure environment, standard, shape and many other factors, such as the material has stainless steel, brass, carbon steel, cast iron, cast steel; USES are cut-off, adjustment, reversing, flow control, discharge, etc. The applicable medium is air, water, oil, steam, nitrogen, etc.

Our company has long been committed to the development, development and large-scale production of various fluid (negative/high pressure, low/ultra-high temperature, low pressure) solenoid valves, gas solenoid valves, electromagnets, and solenoid valve coils. The company has a strong technical force and stable product quality. Professional technical advantages can meet the multi-level, diverse requirements of customers, to create the most practical brand is the basic principle of our market expansion.

Three types of toilet flush valves

Toilet Flush Valve Types

Toilet Electromagnetic Valve FCD.3-738F-V8C

Spec.: FCD.3-738F-V8C

Type: Smart Sanitary Solenoid Valve Series

What is the cleaning method of the intelligent toilet solenoid valve

  • 1. Clean the exterior of the smart toilet seat with a half-damp cloth, including the shell, the cover, the surface, and the bottom of the seat ring.

  • 2. Pull the nozzle out. Clean the nozzle with a toothbrush.

  • 3. Remove the drain plug from the water tank. (front end of the water tank) release the water tank to store water. (once a month is recommended)

Usually please use a soft cloth with water, very dirty, please use a cotton cloth with general cleaning dishes with a neutral detergent wipe, wipe with water, residual in the toilet seat of the detergent with a soft cloth dry, as a result of electrical products, to prevent water, clean with a soft cloth dry.

Toilet Flush Valve Types

Intelligent Toilet Solenoid Valve FCD.3-738GB

Spec.: FCD.3-738GB

Type: Smart Sanitary Solenoid Valve Series

Ordering Information:

  • 1. When ordering, please specify the specific product specifications and quality according to the "model meaning".

  • 2. If the user has special needs, please specify when ordering.


Smart Sanitary Solenoid Valve is mainly used in the intelligent bathroom, intelligent toilet, smart bidet, intelligent urinal, and so on. At present, we usually supply these solenoid valves to intelligent toilet manufacturers from home and abroad. 

Toilet Flush Valve Types

Smart Toilet Solenoid Valve FCD.3-758

Spec.: FCD.3-758

Type: Smart Sanitary Solenoid Valve Series

How to install the intelligent toilet pressure relief valve

1. Install the installation plate on the ceramic body. Firstly, insert the bolts into the mounting hole of the ceramic body.

2. Fix the smart toilet seat on the ceramic body and hold the smart toilet seat with both hands flat. Fix the smart toilet seat on the ceramic body.

3, intelligent toilet water supply installation of ceramic water supply hose, water supply hose, double pressure relief valve, and other joints must be installed in place, or there will be water leakage, resulting in indoor water.

Application for the Smart Toilet Solenoid Valve

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