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How Do We Test the Airtightness of the Solenoid Valve 2?

Mar. 23, 2020

Generally, we put the solenoid valve in the sealing parts to prevent the strong and weak ability of the leakage of the medium known as the solenoid valve airtight performance. When customers are in the purchase of a solenoid valve, airtightness as a technical parameter is also an important selection basis. In general, we say that the solenoid valve sealing parts mainly refers to the stem and stuffing box with the valve cover and valve body connection place, open and close parts, and seat two sealing surface connection. Usually, we often say that the leakage and leakage phenomenon, leakage is usually the first two kinds of seal leakage, leakage is the last case of the leakage, said the leakage is not strictly closed, leakage is the medium from the valve leakage to the valve. Both leaks can interfere with the solenoid valve and sometimes cause accidents. Internal leakage mainly affects the ability of the valve to cut off the medium, so in the cut off valve, internal leakage is an important standard to judge the quality of the valve.

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Leakage will lead to the waste of media and pollution of the environment. Especially when the medium is toxic, radioactive or inflammable explosive, leakage is absolutely prohibited, so the choice of this kind of solenoid valve is crucial, must be required to have reliable airtight performance.

Now we understand some knowledge of the solenoid valve airtightness, may have a new understanding of the solenoid valve airtightness, but realize the importance of the solenoid valve airtightness is more important, will pay more attention to it, so as to avoid future production and life in the accident that could have been avoided.

Since the airtightness of the solenoid valve is so important, so it's airtightness detection is how to do it?

There is a part of the use of traditional bubble water detection, and this method to detect the airtightness of the solenoid valve there are many defects, such as secondary pollution, extremely dependent on human eyes and other adverse factors. As a result of the detection of the solenoid valve airtightness is not reliable, the need for tooling can be carried out.

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