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Difference Between Electric Valve And Solenoid ValveⅠ

Jan. 09, 2020

Many people have always had doubts about the difference between the electric valve and the solenoid valve, so today water dispenser Angle Solenoid Valve Manufacturer will talk to you about the difference between the electric valve and the solenoid valve? What are the advantages of each of them?

First, let's talk about the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve uses the electromagnetic principle. The electromagnetic attraction generated by the energized solenoid is used to guide the valve core. The control mode is DO digital signal control.

The driving device of the electric valve is a reversible electric motor, which drives the valve core through the rotation of the motor for a certain period of time. The valve is controlled by an AI analog signal, which can adjust the flow of pipeline media and can also be controlled by digital signals in a specific pipeline environment.

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The difference between the applicable range of electric valve and solenoid valve:

The solenoid valve has excellent anti-leakage performance, quick opening and closing, low power, and is suitable for use as a cut-off in some corrosion, toxicity and other chemical pipelines.

Most of the electric valves are used to adjust the flow rate of the pipeline. They are normally installed at the air outlet of the supply air refrigeration pipeline, and can also be used in liquid pipelines. They are widely used in canned pipelines and sewage treatment pipelines for wine and beverage production.

Use of electric valve and solenoid valve:

Solenoid valve: used for on-off control of liquid and gas pipelines, it is two-position DO control. Generally used for the control of small pipelines

Electric valve: It is used for analog quantity adjustment of pipeline medium flow of liquid, gas and wind system. It is AI control. In the control of large valves and wind systems, electric valves can also be used for two-position switch control.

Solenoid valve: It can only be used as a switching value, it is DO control, and it can only be used for small pipeline control. It is common in pipelines of DN50 and below, and it is rare to go up.

Electric valve: It can have AI feedback signal and can be controlled by DO or AO. It is more commonly found in large pipes and dampers.

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