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Difference Between Electric Valve And Solenoid ValveⅡ

Jan. 15, 2020

A lot of people have doubts about the difference between electric valve and solenoid valve, so today water dispensing machine Angle solenoid valve manufacturers will talk to you about the difference between electric valve and solenoid valve? What are the advantages of each? Pulse Valve Supplier shares with you.

First of all, let's talk about the electromagnetic valve. The solenoid valve uses electromagnetic principles. Electromagnetic valve electrical electromagnetic suction is used to guide the valve core. The control mode is DO digital signal control.

The electric valve actuating device is a reversible motor, it through the motor rotation to drive the valve core is a certain time. The valve is controlled by the analog signal of artificial intelligence, can adjust pipeline medium flow, also can be in a specific pipeline environment is controlled by the digital signal.

Stable Electromagnetic Valve

Switch form:

The solenoid valve is driven by the coil and can only be opened or closed, and the action time when switching is short.

The drive of the electric valve is generally driven by a motor. It takes a certain amount of time to complete the opening or closing action and can be adjusted.

Nature of the work:  

The solenoid valve generally has a small flow coefficient and a small working pressure difference. For example, a 25-port solenoid valve has a much smaller flow coefficient than a 15-port electric ball valve. The solenoid valve is driven by the electromagnetic coil, which is relatively easy to be damaged by voltage shock. Equivalent to the role of a switch, that is, on and off.

The electric valve is generally driven by a motor, which is more resistant to voltage shock. Solenoid valves are quick-opening and quick-closing. They are generally used in small flows and pressures, where electric switching is required where the switching frequency is high. The opening degree of the electric valve can be controlled, and the states are open, closed, half-open and half-closed. The flow rate of the medium in the pipeline can be controlled, but the solenoid valve cannot meet this requirement.

The solenoid valve can be reset when the power is off. The electric valve needs a reset device for this function.

Applicable process:

The solenoid valve is suitable for some special process requirements, such as leakage, special fluid media, etc., and the price is more expensive.

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