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How to Detect the Quality of the Solenoid Valve Ⅱ?

Mar. 09, 2020

Copper Irrigation Valve Manufacturer shares with you.

2. Problem with plug/socket:

Symptom: If the solenoid valve has a plug/socket, there may be problems with the metal reeds of the socket, wiring problems on the plug (such as connecting the power cord to the ground wire), etc. It's best to make a habit: After the plug is inserted into the socket, the fixing screw is screwed on, and the coil is after the valve core rod, and the fixing nut is screwed on. If the plug of the solenoid valve coil is equipped with a light-emitting diode power indicator, it must be connected when the solenoid valve is driven by DC power, otherwise, the indicator will not light up. In addition, do not replace the power plugs with LED power indicator with different voltage levels. This will cause the LED to be burned out / the power supply (replace with a low voltage level plug) will be short-circuited or the LED light will be weak (replace with High voltage rating plug). Without the power indicator, the solenoid coils need not be polarized.

Solution: Correct the wiring error, repair or replace the plug and socket.

Solenoid Valve

3. Spool problem:

Symptom ①: When the pressure of the medium passed by the solenoid valve is normal, if you press the red manual button of the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve does not respond (No on-off change of pressure medium), indicating that the valve core must be broken.

Treatment method: check whether there is any problem with the medium, such as whether there is a lot of water in the compressed air (sometimes the oil-water separator does not play a big role, especially when the pipeline design is poor, the compressed air passing to the solenoid valve will have a lot of water. Water), whether there are many impurities in the liquid medium. Then remove the water or impurities in the solenoid valve and pipeline. If that doesn't work, repair or replace the spool, or simply replace the entire solenoid valve.

Symptom ②: After inspection, the coil is the original coil and the magnetism is normal when the coil is energized, but the solenoid valve still does not operate (the function of the manual button of the solenoid valve may be normal at this time), indicating that the valve core is broken. Solution: Please repair or replace the valve core, or simply replace the entire solenoid valve.

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