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Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together with the force to create good results

Oct. 04, 2023

“People are in high spirits when involved in happy events, the Mid-Autumn moon is exceptionally bright”. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day holiday is coming, our company will issue Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to all employees at 15:00 on the first floor of the reception hall on September 27, wishing each employee a happy reunion and family in the double holiday!

In this happy reunion day, Kangleda new energy Co., Ltd send all the employees of the company and friends from all sectors of life the most sincere greetings and wishes! At the same time, we would like to express my sincere wishes to the leaders at all levels, all sectors of life and customers and suppliers who have cared and supported the development of our company for a long time. We wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, healthy reunion and boundless happiness! We hope that you can give us more care and support in the future work.

“Spring sowing summer planting autumn harvest”. Spring we sowed the seeds of hope and watered with hard sweat, autumn is destined to be a harvest season. 2023 is a fruitful year, in the common efforts of all the people of recreation, we have achieved one result after another, in the overall demand is not prosperous in the environment of our sales achieved a substantial increase.

The company and various project teams have achieved significant cost reduction and efficiency improvement results; Under the guidance of the company's corporate culture, the management team and front-line employees are clear about the company's mission, vision, values and personal action goals, and the overall work skills and professional literacy are significantly improved.

However, we know that "every vertex, is the starting point of the next achievement", the achievement can only represent the past; Ahead, is a challenge is a kind of incentive. Only by constantly climbing the peak, surpassing ourselves, and tempering our will in every struggle, we can achieve one dream after another and create more wonderful brilliance.

"Together, mountains become jade, and soil becomes gold." Concerted teamwork can often unleash incredible potential and even create miracles. A small stream can only create shattered waves, but a hundred rivers and seas can stimulate turbulent waves. We sincerely hope that everyone can integrate yourselves into the large group of the company, with one heart and one mind, and show your talent!

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together with the force to create good results

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together with the force to create good results


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